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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Licht-Ung / StRuPpiG tAnZeN
Release Year: 2023
Note: on 26.Nov 2022 the festival STRUPPIG SCHWEBEN happened in Leverkuse at KAW, organized by Licht-Ung, this is a compilation with all artists from this great evening, who worked on the recorded live material from their performances... so all materiall is exclusive to this CD! TROUM played live to the classic silent film " La Coquille et le Clergyman" - comes with 8 page booklet, lim. 200 copies, 69+ min. playtime
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"About once or twice a year you can head out to Leverkusen in Germany, where the Licht-ung labels puts on a small festival, which always results into a CD release. Each festival has the word struppig, meaning shaggy, followed by another word, such as Mahlen (painting, Vital Weekly 1405) and Droehnen (droning, Vital Weekly 1323). November 26, 2022 it was time for schweben, floating. Its unclear to what extent the musicians keep the title in mind. Every night has four or five artists/groups, meaning they have quite some space to fill on the CD. Only in the vase of Killer + Licht-ung (also a musical concern, next to the label), we deal with a live recording; or, perhaps, we dont hear it with the other pieces. The CD starts with the for me unknown quantatity of Les Marquises, of which Discogs says Les Marquises is a French experimental pop band founded by Jean-Sbastien Nouveau in 2010, yet Nouveau is the only member. He has a lovely piece of slow drones, presumably recorded with guitars, loopers and effects and the whole thing is a beautiful gorgoeus, slow-evolving piece of drone music, with, surprisingly, also percussion. Very atmospheric, and also very musical, a great piece and certainly a band to hear more work from. Troum is next up and one could say the big stars of the evening, along with Andrew Liles. Their piece might also be more of a microphone recording, judging by the quality, and shows them doing what they do best, playing moody and spacious music, which could maybe use a bit more definition, but is a damn fine piece. Killer + Licht-ungs piece is called Jeans Beast (irgendwo & unvermittelt), which may have something to do with the musician Jeans Beast, also known as Julian Flemming, but I have no idea what. Their piece is also based around drones, but contains a most curious form of percussion, sounding like moving around objects (chairs?) in the performance space. The drones are generated by guitars and feedback and grow in intensity. Andrew Liles is the only that doesnt play the pure drone card but has four quite different sections. Opening with piano music, hard strums rather than gently playing, and some obscured samples, slowly morphing into a drone/organ piece with more schwung. More synthesisers in the third part, ending with a pulse beat and voice from TV/film. Its the sort of thing wed expect from Liles; soundtrack-like, collage, a bit of a cut-up and an altogether different kind of atmospheres, delivering the goods as expected." [FdW / Vital Weekly]