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SERRIES, DIRK / STEFANO GENTILE - The Disintegration of Silence

Format: CD + BOOK
Label & Cat.Number: Silentes / 13(3) - sps2368
Release Year: 2023
Note: beautiful raw guitar-ambience, transforming tones in slow changes, completely effected in analogue ways... this comes with a 28 page full-colour art booklet with collage works from STEFANO GENTILE, using the washed out fragmentations of female model pictures; another smaller booklet is included too.. pure timeless melancholia and transience, numb. ed. 250 copies
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28-page 8" Book + CD, ltd. 250 handnumbered copies

Stefano Gentile and Dirk Serries met almost thirty years ago when Stefanos Amplexus label released Vidna Obmanas seminal classic "The Transcending Quest" on a limited 3 CD. Fast forward twenty years later, after the ending of Dirk Serries critically acclaimed Vidna Obmana project, Stefano and Dirk, under his own name, regathered with another gem "The Devastation Chant", a limited 8 lathe cut and a 10 vinyl on Gentiles new label Silentes/13 that featured Stefanos own impressive collage artwork. Now again, after four years, Dirk Serries, fully operational under his own name as a free (jazz) improviser, frequently returns to his trademark ambient music while continuing to push himself as an artist and sound sculptor. THE DISINTEGRATION OF SILENCE is Dirks new album that, partially inspired by the melancholic collage artwork of Stefano Gentile, plays with the sounds he has been recognized and appreciated worlwide for almost four decades, while - so typical for Dirks ongoing knack for adventure - expanding the comfort of his ambience with alienating analog and real-time treatments. An album that has been performed solely on electric guitar in conjunction with plenty of pedal effects and absolutely no computers. Enjoy this breathtaking work of melancholy and introspection, marking it another milestone in the collaboration between Stefano Gentile and Dirk Serries.


"The most extensive package is the 28-page booklet, 8 inches squared of collages by label boss Stefano Gentile and music by Dirk Serries. The two go back some thirty years, when Gentile's first label enterprise, Amplexus, released a 3"CD by Serrires, then working as Vidna Obmana. Four years ago, Gentile released some more music by Serries, now working under his own name, on vinyl and 'The Disintegration Of Silence' is their latest offering. In the booklet, we find collages by Gentile from fashion ads, words, and newspapers, all looking quite colourful. As I am playing Serries' music at the same time, I am thinking about his music concerning the collages. Maybe the music resembles black-and-white photography of nature shots, trees and such. Still, the relation between images and music becomes more apparent if you look at the images as worn-out pages from magazines from a long time ago. These days, Serries is more known as a player of free
improvised music, but he occasionally returns to the world of ambient music, and this is what he does here, playing five excellent moody tunes on his guitar. Many guitar effects are used, some of which are a bit hissy, such as in the second part. At times, it sounds like he has been made on a reel-to-reel tape, using various bits of tape stuck together, with the music recorded later. It creates a refined, somewhat unsettling atmosphere and sometimes just a beautiful atmosphere in the longest and final piece. It's always good to hear Serries doing this kind of music occasionally. I understand his heart might be somewhere else, but I assume he also wants to unwind after a hard day of improvising and do what he does very well. A true beauty." [FdW / Vital Weekly]