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TWELVE THOUSAND DAYS - The Boatman on the Downs

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: FinalMuzik FM29
Release Year: 2023
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

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Martyn Bates & Alan Trench return to the ghost-haunted Downs of Southern England for their new album, their fourth in five years to be released by Italys Final Muzik label.
Twelve Thousand Days are without a doubt producing some of the finest music in their twenty-five years of existence, abstract and evocative songs that seem to be from the folk canon, so rooted in tradition are they and the band always give more than a nod to past glories with arrangements of Arthur McBride and a song which all children in England once learnt in primary school, Early One Morning, which is found here dis-assembled and fed through the haze of more than half a century of lives lived.
The two traditional songs sit comfortably alongside eight new compositions; Comely sets the tone, full of yearning and loss, and yet basking in hope, full of haunted voices and distant bells; the journey continues through tales of Wayland the Smith and the Silver City inspired by the verse of John Masefield, magickal tales of djinns and other spirits, an elegy to a departed friend, and more.
The soaring voice of Martyn Bates is underpinned by exquisite instrumentation acoustic guitars, flute organs, bodhrans and bells, mellotrons and analogue synthesisers, taking the listener on a trip through the forgotten highways and byways of a drowned land.
Available as a limited edition CD Digipak, 500 copies.