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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: FinalMuzik FM26
Release Year: 2020
Note: the project of ALAN TRENCH + MARTYN BATES, their second album on the long active Italian label FINALMUZIK, 12 tracks of their extraordinary poetic, ethereal-experimental songwriting style, with amazing cover versions of songs from BLACK SABBATH (!), ALASDAIR CLAYRE, BOB PEGG, and VASHTI BUNYAN... => "the seas ride up the skies/and the stars fill yr eyes/I dream the rains long answer/I dream the suns responses." - lim. 500 digipak
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MARTYN BATES and ALAN TRENCH, energised by the hugely positive critical reception of the recent Insect Silence album (also available via Final Muzik), deliver an extraordinary new set of songs showcasing both virtuoso songwriting and an impeccable selection of covers.

From the stunning interpretation of Black Sabbaths Planet Caravan that opens this missive from the aethyr, to the darkly beautiful haunted whisperings of Wistmans Wood that closes it, Bates and Trench take us on a musical tour of their mystical landscape that leaves the traveler breathless and transported. Bates voice, at once urgent and impassioned, delicate and graceful, is underpinned by an eclectic instrumentation of dulcimers, synths, piano, organ, mellotron, shruti and others that highlight the interplay of Trenchs fluid guitar lines with the soaring melodies. The recent folk history of England is incorporated with covers of songs by Alasdair Clayre, Bob Pegg (Mr. Fox) and Vashti Bunyan; the album revolves elliptically around the elegiac rush of the title track, where Bates sings: the seas ride up the skies/and the stars fill yr eyes/I dream the rains long answer/I dream the suns responses.

Recorded and mixed over a period of less than three months between Nuneaton in England and Evia in Greece, this is TWELVE THOUSAND DAYS finest work to date!

Presented in a beautiful digipak design with lyrics included. Limited edition of 500 copies. FM 26

MARTYN BATES is well-known for his brilliant long-time work with EYELESS IN GAZA, for his solo albums and for collaborations with MICK HARRIS and ANNE CLARK.
ALAN TRENCH: co-founder of World Serpent Distribution and musician with brilliant projects/groups ORCHIS, HOWLING LARSONS, TEMPLE MUSIC.

Final Muzik mail order catalogue on Discogs: www.discogs.com/seller/Final-Muzik/profile

Recorded at Bridge House Studios, Evia (Greece) and Hive-Arc, Nuneaton (England), 2019. Produced by Alan Trench and Martyn Bates at Bridge House Studios, Evia, 2020.