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VIDNA OBMANA & PBK - Monument of Empty Colours + Depression and Ideal

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Zoharum - ZOHAR 275-2
Release Year: 2022
Note: in the long release history of VIDNA OBMANA there were few collaborations with PBK (Phillip B. Klingler), the first two ones recorded 1988 + 1989 appeared as cassettes and showed in this combination a more experimental and dark ambient side, slowly moving long form undulations, and fully resonating ambient noise, between beauty and darkness... - 6 panel double CD digipak, 400 copies
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Dirk Serries is an extremely prolific and creative artist who has a huge amount of music composed solo, under his own name or under the name VIDNA OBMANA. In addition to solo recordings, Dirk often collaborated with other artists, thus introducing a new quality to his own music. While implementing the next installments of our informal series, we also published a few of them; for example "Traces" in collaboration with David Lee Myers, or "The Shape of Solitude" with Serge Devadder. This time we present the effect of the Belgian artist's musical collaboration with Phillip B. Klinger, better known as PBK. Gentlemen, in the past, they undertook joint initiatives several times. After all, they have a lot of material in common. We chose the two most expressive of them: "Monument of Empty Colours" and "Depression and Ideal". In both of these materials, many similarities can be found, both in terms of composition and sound. Thanks to this, they give the impression of a coherent, even monolithic whole, built of smaller, expressive parts. That is why they were published on two separate CDs, but enclosed in one digipack, with one graphic design connecting two parts of a larger whole, presenting music created in a specific period of time. Therefore, both discs are filled with tracks characterized by a raw and dark sound, close to the achievements of Cold Meat Industry artists, fitting into the convention of post-industrial dark ambient, which we associate with publications from the Scandinavian label.
In addition, it is worth noting that, especially for the needs of this release, the materials from both sessions have been re-mastered and provided with a completely new graphic design. Edition on two CDs published in a limited edition of 400 copies.

Vidna Obmana: electronics, loops and tapes.
PBK: electronics, tape

MONUMENT OF EMPTY COLOURS was recorded and mixed between November 1988 and March 1989.
Originally released on The Decade Collection, 1989.

DEPRESSION AND IDEAL was recorded and mixed in 1989.
Originally released on PBK Recordings & Freedom In A Vaccum, 1989.