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MULO MUTO - Decomposing Cacophonies

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Luce Sia 052
Release Year: 2018
Note: recommended album of this Swiss drone-noise duo => inspired by the cycle of life and how matter decomposes, they come extremely slow from smooth, dreamy & quiet droning parts into violent monumental noise-droning ecstasy and destruction, similar to some older MAEROR TRI works... - *We live to die in order to let other beings live. We die to live in order to let other beings die.... an intense and powerful ode to putrefaction.* - CD digipack 66+ playtime, lim. 150 copies
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Decomposing Cacophonies was recorded in Zurich (CH) in July 2017 by Attila and Joel during a long session. The duo embarked on a metaphysical exploration of the cycle of life and more specifically, reflected on how organic matter decomposes. This experiment was transposed into sound and subdivided into different moments that accompany decay. It is violent, at times calm at other times agitated, it may be noisy as well as dreamy; definitely deadly and ready to get recycled into the apparently never-ending cycle of inorganic and organic restoration. We live to die in order to let other beings live. We die to live in order to let other beings die.
The album was mixed shortly after the recording and mastered in January 2018 by Attila Folklor between the plains and the mountains of Ticino.
The pictures were taken by Joel during the Autumn of 2017 around the Mittelland, while Huere Giulio carefully took care of the layout.

From Luce Sias press release:
LUCE SIA is happy to announce its release n. 052, made in collaboration with the Swiss label L Ttt Folklor Records! Mulo Mutos new album Decomposing Cacophonies is a 66 minutes crescendo of magmatic and piercing sounds, divided in 8 acts, that creates an intense and powerful ode to putrefaction.
You will have with this means All the glory of the world, And therefore every darkness will go far from you. It is the strong force of every force, because it will win every thin thing, and It will penetrate every solid thing. (From The Emerald Table)
Out now on digipack CD, limited to 190 copies!

Attila Folklor: electronics, synths, electroacoustic devices, loops
Joel Gilardini: treated guitars, synths, electronics, loops

Thanks to Sacha, Nebo and Huere Giulio. Recorded by Attila Folklor and Joel Gilardini.
Mixed and mastered by Attila Folklor.