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Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Saltern SLT-008
Release Year: 2023
Note: re-issue of the rare CD from 2008 (Shiiin) with a live recording of RADIGUE's first piece for an acoustic instrument (Cello), performed by CHARLES CURTIS in Sept. 2006 at Notre-Dame in Paris; now with an additional version (Los Angeles 2020) on CD 2... comes with: "fold-out poster insert with a reproduction of Radigue's never-before-published original drawing of Naldjorlak and liner notes packaged in two O-cards.."
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More Info

Saltern presents a thrilling new live recording of Naldjorlak for solo cello, composer liane Radigues first piece for an acoustic instrument, paired with a remastered version of the long out-of-print, original 2006 recording. Composed in 2005 in close collaboration with cellist Charles Curtis, Naldjorlak marked a striking shift in the music of Radigue, who has since composed exclusively for instrumentalists with her celebrated Occam series. This album brings together two complete performances by Curtis, recorded nearly 15 years apart (Paris in 2006 and Los Angeles in 2020), drawing attention to the evolution of the piece and to its inherent mutability. The sound and spirit of Naldjorlak are centered around the re-tuning of the entire cello to the wolf tone, a uniquely unstable frequency, creating a haunting, almost feedback-like resonance within the instrument itself.

From Gascia Ouzounians liner notes: Even as it expands conceptions of what sound is, and thus what music can be, to understand Naldjorlak only as music would be to limit its scope. It is music, but it is also physics and philosophy. Naldjorlak is a detailed investigation of the physical properties of resonating bodies and dynamic systems; it is a meditation on the condition of instability; it is a metaphysics of chaos and uncertainty.