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COLUMN ONE - Mdchen in Schmutzigen Schrzen

Format: CD + BLU-RAY
Label & Cat.Number: 90% Wasser WCD011 / Fragment Factory [FRAG56]
Release Year: 2023
Note: the great surrealistic film (92 min. long) *Die Versuche des Naum Kotik* from COLUMN ONE member KRM BURG (aka JRGEN ECKLOFF / EGG-LOVE) in two versions, plus 19 min. Appendix on the BLU-RAY video disc; the full soundtrack as 16 single tracks on the additional CD.. a most memorable and unique experimental / animation film about a bizarre scientist,, with great sounding.. - oversized 8 panel cover, 4 postcards, 300 copies
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €25.00

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This is the Soundtrack to the Krma Burg film "Die Versuche des Naum Kotik" (The Experiments of Naum Kotik), released in a box set together with the film on Blu-Ray Disc. Recorded 2010-2021 at various places, compiled and organized by Egg-Love at Z. Film and soundtrack were only released together in this set, not separately.

8-panel Digifile, including 4 postcards. Edition of 300 copies.

Dedicated to the memory of Hellmut Kntges-Eckloff (1949-2022).

Column One were:
Andrew Loadman - Tapes
Robert Schalinski - Types
Eyn Lump - Wooly Hat & High Profile
Naum Kotik Jr. - Voice & Thoughts
Jrgen Eckloff - Cut & Connection

Mastered by Rashad Becker


"This has been on my desk for too long, but I kept delaying to work on the review. Not owning a blue ray player, which is the prefered format for the DVD here, didn't help, but also because I hardly consider myself a music reviewer (more an enthusiast who tells you about new releases), let alone that I know anything about film (or, for that matter, literature, choreography, sculpting, video art, performance; you name it and I am sure I couldn't write a review). Granted, I do go to the cinema, and I have a subscription for several years now, so I go up to three times a week (sometimes, not every week), but that makes me more of an enthusiast. We discuss what we saw with friends and if we enjoyed it, but that hardly qualifies me as a film critic.
I also faced this dilemma: first, see the movie or play the CD? To watch the DVD, I need to be in the right mood (hence some of the delay explained), so in the end, I first played the CD but found it hard to get my head around it. Now that I have seen the DVD, the music makes more sense. Which is, perhaps, odd, as I am sure I didn't understand all of the movie. Krma Burg made a film slash documentary about the Russian neurologist Naum Kotik (1876-1920), who was interested in transference, telepathy and psycho-physical energy. His grandson explored this further and made a script
and film, ' Mdchen In Schmutzigen Schrzen', girls in dirty aprons. The grandson is being interviewed, and the subtitles are presented rather peculiarly, which doesn't enhance the understanding here. So far, so good, but the thought that can move objects? Lots of the movie (and I mean the aprons thing, which is in two versions, I think, as I'm unsure) is stop motion. The editing is great, and it works really with the music, for which the credits to Robert Schalinski. He's one of the three members of Column One.
The CD can be understood as 'the soundtrack to the movie', and if you play it straight after seeing the movie, you'll notice some overlap, but like the movie, it is all a strange surrealist affair. The CD is more like a radio play, which stands alone very well by itself, but it is also a vital feature in the movie. The sound is as important as what you see and makes quite the hallucinating experience. Just exactly what it is about, or how it works? Maybe this is real or a mockumentary (and no, I won't spoil the ending)? How old is this grandson if his granddad died in 1920? Just one of those questions that came up. I have no idea. I admit I gave up at one point and just enjoyed it as a non-narrative. Someone explained something (in Russian? or Swedish? I don't know), but there are also lengthy passages in which we see some animated action and hear these, mainly acoustic sounds. Lots of scratching and scraping of objects, which further elaborated the radio play drama, but then made visual. Strange or weird doesn't even capture what I saw and heard. But even with my total lack of understanding, I very much enjoyed this for its aesthetic qualities." [FdW/Vital Weekly]