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SMALL CRUEL PARTY - H​σ​υ​χ​α​σ​μ​ό​ς / Hesychasmus

Format: 10inch
Label & Cat.Number: Ferns Recordings - koru_01
Release Year: 2023
Note: in 2018 the first new SCP material appeared in 15 years, as cassette only release (C-25), Ferns finally presents a re-issue of these mysterious, minimalistic slow motion hiss+pulse hummings... - *a siren like microtonal shifting of sound, with a slowly rising tension. punctuated by tinkly metal textures. 1st new small cruel party release in 15 years!* [Banned Production info] - 300 copies pressed, special j-card sleeve, silk-screen printed
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More Info

Reissue of a limited cassette from 2018 (Banned Production), with a Greek title meaning \\\\\\\"Thank You\\\\\\\". \\\\\\\"As always, everything with Small Cruel Party is very cryptic. A nightmare for the reviewer but also a good part of the fun. Everything becomes a form of poetry within the whole body of work that Small Cruel Party presents. The first piece consists of rhythmic flickering that finds its way through various delay pedals, which, as these things go with delay pedals, go in overdrive. I assume many musicians would find this out as unwanted distortion, but William Ransome, mister Party, leaves such things in; all part of the minimal process of the music, I assume. The minimalism of the other side works differently. On the first side, these are waves followed by quieter parts, but on the second side, the minimalism is continuous, with a slow variation. The music does a very slow phase-shifting, and further on in the piece, there is also a loop of percussive sound (a metal cup being struck) and the delay pedals working their magic over time again. Music that is the result of direct action or, perhaps, part of a ritual that happens to also involve music? I don\\\\\\\'t know, but as with so many works by Small Cruel Party, I found this fascinating music\\\\\\\". Ltd x 300 copies in a special j-card sleeve, silk-screen printed by ZYX ditions, Bretoncelles, Basse Normandie.