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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Three:four Records TFR028
Release Year: 2015
Note: remarkable album by this Italian born musician, writer and teacher who lives in Lisbon, Portugal, he just published a book entitled \"Sound in the Ecstatic-Materialist Perspective on Experimental Music \" => CUTS with 6 tracks is filled with repetitive electronic structures, combined with melancholic vocals and inspired by South American literature (JULIO CORTAZAR, ROBERTO BOLANO, JUAN CARLOS ONETTI)....something special unfolds... - comes with DL code for bonus material !
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\"I explored for years the use of repetitive structures within different perspectives. In many cases, these figures involved long developments. \'Cuts\' is the effort to merge this attitude with concise forms and tight evolutions. Vertical exploration of sound needs time; I tested this exploration in shorter times. Good part of the inspiration for this record came from works by Mario Benedetti, Roberto Bolano, Julio Cortazar and Juan Carlos Onetti.\" (R.D.Wanke)
comes with download code (including two bonus tracks)

All tracks by RDW. Recorded between Lisbon and Hamburg during 2013, \'Dust\' was partially recorded in Milan on 2003.
Mixed in Lisbon and mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi on 2014. \'La puerta condenada\' takes inspiration from Julio Cortazar\'s short story.