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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Moving Furniture Records MFRID001
Release Year: 2022
Note: The KLEEFSTRA brothers (known i.e. for their collabs with ALVARET ENSEMBLE, CELER, MACHINEFABRIEK...) were engaged in a new art project (IT DEEL) about the theme of environmental decline => in a church in Friesland (NL) they worked with gifted Polish composer M JACASZEK on new material for one week, dedicated to TREES, presenting the material live in concert afterwards => a dreamlike mixture of guitar drones, instrumental strings, electronics, poetry... magic & melancholic beauty ! - lim. 300
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IT DEEL is a new project for the upcoming years by the Kleefstra Bros in collaboration with Popfabryk. The underlying motive for this new project is the disastrous damage to the nature. Together with guest musicians the brothers work on new material in the Thomaskerk in Katlijk (Friesland, NL) which stands in relation to this theme of environmental decline. Each project is presented live in front of an audience after a week, and results in a vinyl release on Moving Furniture Records.
The Kleefstra Bros: Trees are pre-eminently the example of life forms that are predestinated to a fixed place. This spot is where they have to survive. For tens, to hundreds of years they are bound to this specific spot, surrender to it. With untouchable patience, many of the trees in Oranjewoud (an old forest in Friesland) have seen many generations of people pass by. But still we claim as if we can decide over their lives and let them suffer with all our interventions in their environment.

The Kleefstra Bros are poet Jan Kleefstra and guitarist Romke Kleefstra. Both are member of (amongst others) Piiptsjilling, The Alvaret Ensemble, CMKK, Tsjinld and Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra. For IT DEEL I in 2021 they collaborated with the Polish composer, producer, and sound artist Michał Jacaszek.
Michał Jacaszek creates electro-acoustic music in which electronic sounds are combined with acoustic instruments. He often collaborates with other artist from various backgrounds incl. video art, visual arts, dance choreography and photography.
IT DEEL I is released on vinyl limited to 300 copies in artwork designed by Rutger Zuydervelt and available digital.
The album will be presented with a short tour in the Netherlands this fall.

More about Michał Jacaszek jacaszek.com
More about Kleefstra Bros kleefstrabros.bandcamp.com
More about IT DEEL popfabryk.nl/project/it-deel

Michał Jacaszek: electronics, string arrangements
Jan Kleefstra: words, vocals
Romke Kleefstra: guitars, bass, effects

Recorded at the St. Thomas church, Ketlik, the Netherlands, by Jan Switters, June 1-4 2021 produced, mixed and by Michał Jacaszek
Mastered by Michał Jacaszek & Jos Smolders