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THIS IMMORTAL COIL - The World ended a long Time ago

Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Ici D'Ailleurs IDA152LP
Release Year: 2022
Note: the second part of COIL interpretations, 13 years after the beautiful "Dark Age of Love" (praised by PETER CHRISTOPHERSON at that time) = 10 pieces with a focus on the dark & melancholic side ("Dark River", "Cold Cell", etc.), created by a total of 19 gifted musicians which forms this virtual "ensemble", such as CHRISTINE OTT, MATT ELLIOT, MASSIMO PUPILLO, KRISTOFFER RYGG, STAN WESTERHUS, AIDAN BAKER, etc.. / vinyl version w. gatefold cover
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In 2009, following the death of Jhonn Balance four years earlier, This Immortal Coil's "The Dark Age Of Love" appeared as a tribute to the superb work of the British band Coil over two decades.Formed by musicians from all walks of life, the album was praised by critics but also, and most importantly, by Peter Christopherson himself!

13 years have passed and this passion for the band has never wavered. Following the death of Peter Christopherson in 2010 on the one hand, and meetings with musicians such as Massimo Pupillo (Z), Aho Ssan and Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver) who in turn wanted to pay tribute to this gigantic band, on the other hand, Stphane Grgoire's (founder of the label Ici d'ailleurs) desire to make a new opus took shape in 2017 with a first recording of the title "Where Are You". Just like the first one, more than 5 years will be necessary to realize this new album so that it is at the height of Coil's genius.

The Ici d'Ailleurs team is very proud to unveil This Immortal Coil's second album 'The World Ended A Long Time Ago'.That will be available on December 09, 2022 in several formats (DL / CD / 2[LP] / BOX- 3[CD] / BOX - 5[LP]) that will be revealed very soon. The artists this time are Coil lovers but without the album being a "lovers" cover, that would be the opposite of Coil's image.

Many, many thanks to Shannon Wright, David Chalmin, Matt Elliott, Christine Ott, Aho Ssan, Gaspar Claus, Aidan Baker, Ulver (Kristoffer Rygg, Ole Alexander Halstensgard, Stian Westerhus), Massimo Pupillo, Mattia Cipolli, Elisa Bognetti, Stefano Michelotti, Francesco Bolognini, Marton Csokas, Ivan Chiossone and Eric Alda who make this project a reality

This Immortal Coil "The World Ended A Long Time Ago is : Shannon Wright - David Chalmin - Matt Elliott - Christine Ott - Aho Ssan - Gaspar Claus - Aidan Baker - Franck Laurino - Kristoffer Rygg - Ole Alexander Halstensgrd - Stian Westerhus - Massimo Pupillo - Mattia Cipolli - Elisa Bognetti - Stefano Michelotti - Francesco Bolognini - Mrton Csks - Ivan Chiossone - Eric Alda