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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Midira Records MIDIRA 116
Release Year: 2022
Note: the label from Essen, Germany, became a great place to discover new names of the international drone scene, who often use guitars as their priority instrument.. - PERISTALITH from San Franccisco performs on various (self build) objects and instruments with bows, creating at times massive, at times very harmonic and beautifully resonating "full drones", think of MUHAMMAD, TROUM, FENNESZ or DANIEL MENCHE's best drone works.. - lim. 250, highly recommended !!
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More Info

Peristalith is the moniker of an ambient drone musician based in the historical Tenderloin neighborhood in San Francisco. In the last few years Peristalith released a couple of tracks on very limited tapes.

The self titled album Peristalith features some of the tracks that got released on limited tapes, but also some previously unreleased titles. All revisited by the artist and remastered by Aidan Baker.

What you will hear are massive drones, created by self constructed instruments, played with bows and manipulated with different kind of effect pedals.

Push the play button and the floating drone wave starts immediately.