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HET ZWEET - Het Zweet

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Klanggalerie GG 419CD
Release Year: 2022
Note: this dutch project released a great tribal industrial LP in 1987, using self-built percussion instruments like shopping trolleys amplified with pickups, or blown cardboard tubes, along with shouted viocals, somewhere between TEST DPT. and Z'EV... this is now re-issued with seven bonus tracks, all previously unreleased (studio + live) - "Unique in the percussive instrumentation that departs from the crude experimental electronic sounds of those days" [Runzio Immorale]
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More Info

"Reissue of a classic tribal Industrial album by Dutch project Het Zweet, originally released in 1987, comparable to the music of Z'ev. Het Zweet (Sweat) was the band project by Marien van Oers, native of Breda in the Netherlands active from 1983 to about 1988. The music consisted of long 10-minute percussion pieces played on self-built instruments (shopping trolleys amplified with pickups, blown cardboard tubes etc.) with repetitive shouted vocals by Marien. The music was often placed in the industrial camp and linked with the likes of Test Dept. but in fact Het Zweet were more concerned with 'tribal' music, physicality and trance effects like Z'ev. During concerts he often performed together with other players. Marien Van Oers sadly passed away in 2013. This self-titled album originally came out on the great Dossier label in Germany in 1987. The bonus material included on this reissue consists entirely of previously unreleased material. There's three untitled tracks and two live excerpts presented as long experiences that belie their disparate origins with a unity of sound and purpose. Van Oers' percussive nous and distantly yelled chants certainly sound capable of working up a sweat in both the performer and any movement-minded listeners, but maybe the most striking thing about Het Zweet is how vital it still sounds, despite its age and relative obscurity."