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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Silentes / 13 - sps2251
Release Year: 2022
Note: the Bologna based multi-genre composer, knowing as founding member (1977!) of avant rock band CONFUSIONAL QUARTET, with a strong album, using elements of his own archive and found sounds, all processed by analogue and digital means to maximum... - the result is almost beyond description, subtle ghostly and surrealistic tones and tunes, all is strangely morphed and transmuted.. - comes in 15 x 15 cm trifold sleeve
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CD, trifold 15x15cm sleeve  
Unlike the distant "18/8/81" or the more recent "Wrong Ninna Nanna", this new solo work contains no piano or other instrumental parts.
In this release, which occurred like all truly welcome things in an unexpected and unsought way, I have collected some of my own compositions created only from sound material recorded around or taken from other recorded music.
Such material has been mutated with various sound processings, and assembled by multiplying layers in both digital and analog environments.
The time passing in this music is the result of a search for sensory fulfillment and expressive freedom. - Marco Bertoni

Marco Bertoni is a composer, musician and producer born in Bologna (Italy). He began as a teenager by founding the seminal avant-garde rock band Confusional Quartet in 1977 (with which he is still active), then working as an arranger and producer for various pop music publications.
He has composed soundtracks for film (Bigas Luna, Michele Placido), for ballet (Enzo Cosimi) and for theater (Magazzini).
In parallel to all this he has always created and experimented in the areas of electronic and contemporary music.
We recall his first record "18/8/81", "New Machine Voice" made together with Enrico Serotti with the voices of Carmelo Bene, Demetrio Stratos and Kathy Berberian, and the more recent "Wrong Ninna Nanna" with texts by Franco Bifo Berardi for the voices of Lydia Lunch and Bobby Gillespie.