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Format: MC
Label & Cat.Number: Attenuation Circuit GFAC 1001 / Grubenwehr Freiburg
Release Year: 2022
Note: great 4 way / artists split album on cassette, co-released with GRUBENWEHR => the longest piece is the memorable RE-DRUM & EMERGE performance recording made in Moscow at DOM Sept. 2018 (29 min), dedicated to DMITRY VASILYEV (MONOCHROME VISION), the other material are long full drone studio collab pieces by SVART1 and LEFTERNA, and there are rare EMERGE and RE-DRUM solo pieces added.... recycled C-90 cassette, lim. 50
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Re-Drum I EMERGE / Svart1 I Lefterna - Split

recycled C90 cassette in clear jewel case, limited edition 50 copies
Grubenwehr Freiburg / attenuation circuit GFAC 1001 2022
grubenwehrfreiburg.bandcamp.com attenuationcircuit.de

EMERGE - empty seat
Re-Drum I EMERGE - Einfarbiger Dom
(live @ DOM, Moskva, 14.09.18)
Re-Drum - Zum Verlust der Muttersprache
dedicated to Dmitry Vasilyev
track 1 & 3 previously released on
Monochrome Visions by Korm Digitaal in 2018

Svart1 I Lefterna
1 - 4
Svart1 (Raimondo Gaviano)
Lefterna (Boban Ristevski)
released May 29, 2022


With this album, the labels attenuation circuit, run by EMERGE, and Grubenwehr Freiburg, run by Grodock, launch a second series of co-releases. The split tapes in the GFAC series, all using recycled tapes, are aimed at pairing new or lesser known artists with already more widely connected practitioners in the experimental underground scene.

The first tape in the new series emphasises the collaborative spirit on another level as well, because each side features collaborations by two different artists, so four artists in total are heard on one tape. On side A, it's label head EMERGE and Re-Drum. Touring the Crimea and Russia in 2018, EMERGE was present when concert organiser and head of the Monochrome Vision label Dmitry 'Dima' Vasilyev died. The shock and grief over this loss is present in the titles and music of the solo tracks by EMERGE and Re-Drum ('Zum Verlust der Muttersprache' is a German catchphrase referring to getting heavily drunk, 'up to the point of losing one's mother tongue'), which were already released on the Dima tribute compilation 'Monochrome Visions' in 2018, and their collaborative live performance at Moscow's DOM which concluded the tour became a memorial concert for Dima. (The German title 'Einfarbiger Dom' translates as 'Monochrome Dome'.) The fact that such a tour would now be impossible due to the war only adds to the sense of grief and loss conveyed by the Re-Drum/EMERGE side of the tape. Yet the collaborative release itself by a Russian and a 'Western' artist, at this time, is a gesture of hope that personal and cultural relations will prevail.

As for side B, Svart1 is Raimondo Gaviano, who works in the fields of ambient, dark ambient, industrial, techno, live-performances and visuals. In the duo with Lefterna, the project name adopted by the extremely prolific collaborator Boban Ristevski, Svart1 enters into a long-form dialogue. By composing one four-part piece for the whole duration of the tape side, they offer an interesting contrast to side A which is made up of shorter pieces which, in themselves, are more fragmented, interspersed with alienating samples and found sounds.

File under: musique concrte, dark ambient