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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Cold Spring CSR301CD
Release Year: 2022
Note: extremely idiosyncratic, multi-influenced and versatile "Phantasmagoric Post-industrial" (as the label describes it) comes from BURIAL HEX with intense folk elements, throbbing and pulsing electronics, esoteric invocations and distorted vocals, surrounded by deep reverberation noises from otherworlds.. - "Every bombastic howl and shimmering prayer bowl are as vivid as if we were deep in the catacombs with Burial Hex, experiencing this unfold right next to them..." [parsonharlequin]
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Horror Electronics and Phantasmagoric Post-Industrial usher in the brand new ritual offering from Burial Hex.

The impulse for Gauze is to be a prophylactic talisman and ward for the families directly involved with the Burial Hex project, though it can be effective for anyone who needs an extra layer of defense. The art, lyrics and sound were all layered together with supersensible content generated specifically for this purpose. Beyond just protection and defense, Gauze is an invitation to transcend sclerotic ways of experiencing incarnation, by freely juxtaposing increasingly divergent forms, and reconciling all with warmth and passion. Such has been the work of the Burial Hex project since its inception, striving towards a gestalt of timeless and enduring realms via a benign spiritual interaction with conflicting beings.

With Gauze we hear the mouths of Burial Hex spit in the face of those who would reduce psychic experience and spiritual feeling to material processes, penetrating the density of human denial and cracking the electronic shell which crushes much of our humanity. CD in digipak.

RIYL: Coil, SPK, Psychic TV, Trepaneringsritualen

O scheming mother of Necessity.
Everything comes from you:
you have yoked the world,
you control all three realms,
you give birth to all,
to everything in heaven,
to everything upon the fruitful earth,
to everything in the depths of the sea.

Be not afraid of the terrors in the night,
of the arrows that fly by day,
of the business that walk among the dark,
of invasion, or of the noonday devil.

One thousand demons are hiding on your left side
and ten thousand at your right side.
You will see the reward of the wicked.

Yet no evil will come to you,
nor shall the scourge come near your dwelling.
You will walk upon the asp and the basilisk
and trample under foot the lion and the dragon.