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FERRARI, LUC - Solitude Transit

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Transversales Disques TRS24
Release Year: 2022
Note: unreleased work from 1989-90 with over 50 minutes playtime, three "acts" for the choreography of ANNE-MARIE REYNAUD (which was performed in Berlin) => extensive use of field recordings (from a huge rail station i.e.) and electronics, found sound collages with instrumental (flute) sounds and noises, subtle electronic dronings, piano & clarinet movements.. dynamic and beautiful and perfect for solo-dance!
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Innersleeve with exclusive pictures & liner notes.

Transversales Disques is very glad to announce the release of « Solitude Transit » (1989)
unpublished archives by electroacoustic music pioneer Luc Ferrari.
Music composed for contemporary dance, choregraphed by Anne-Marie Reynaud

Musique composée, interprétée et enregistrée par Luc Ferrari.

Solitude Transit, 1989-1990.
Musique en 3 actes pour le spectacle de la chorégraphe Anne-Marie Reynaud :
Roman de gare / Ligne de fuite / On part chez Marie-Christine

Chorégraphie : Anne-Marie Reynaud
Musique : Luc Ferrari
Décors : Claude Meiller
Costumes : Jean Pierre Capeyron
Lumières : Jacques Roveyrollis
Dramaturgie : Michel Azama
Huit danseurs

(p) 2022 Transversales Disques sous licence exclusive Brunhild Ferrari.
Editions : Maison ONA.
released September 15, 2022

« Affiliated with French Radio’s Groupe de Musique Concrète, co-founder of the GRM with Pierre Schaeffer in 1958 Luc Ferrari (1929-2005) major figure of musique concrète and electroacoustic music broke away to pave his own path of individualistic expressions of minimalist music, musical theatre, field recordings, orchestral music and soundtracks…»