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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Winter-Light WIN 041
Release Year: 2022
Note: HESSEL VELDMAN is know to the dutch underground for his weekly radio shows @Concertzender, but lately he became more and more active again as musician, on this album he gives a dark tribute to his hometown IJMUIDEN, the important harbour and industrial place in Noord-Holland, by creathing a dark and hypnotic "audio map" based on field recordings, totally morphed into an eerie parallel world, bleak and ultra minimal, this is true INDUSTRIAL DRONE MUZAK... lim. 200
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Winter-Light welcomes Hessel Veldman: musician, composer and producer to our label with his new album 'Ymuiden'. The album comprises of seven experimental electronic soundscapes, laced with industrial elements, creating a hypnotic, dark undercurrent of sound.

'Ymuiden' is an experimental audio sound map of Ijmuiden, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands. A city where Hessel grew-up and still lives today. A place that has seen much happen, many changes and innovation in its short history, as Hessel outlines below .....

Ymuiden - Hessel Veldman:(Shadows of IJmuidens Roughness)

my place of birth
the place where I spent my youth
the place where I still live
the place that was born in 1876
where they dug and conquered the dunes
where they gave birth to the mouth (muiden) of the harbour (Piervrees) of Amsterdam (IJ)the place of raw (Rauw) labour
the off-shore industry (Stuurlast)
the steel factory (Ademslak)
the gateway (docks; Sluisgelag) to Amsterdam
the exit to the world (Scheepskoorts)
the international fishing harbour (Tongrot)
the fortified WWII (1943-1945) city (Duinbeton)

January 26th 2022 will see the opening of the world's greatest lock (Zeesluis IJmuiden) and the release of 'Ymuiden' by Hessel Veldman.

Recorded in IJmuiden, The Netherlands @ De Goede Herder Kerk studio; winter 2019/2020.

All tracks recorded, composed and produced by Hessel Veldman.

Sound sources: KORG MS20 + archived field recordings.

Mastered by Martijn Comes at the Immovable Substance studio.
Cover sleeve photos made by Murray Maffra, at different locations in IJmuiden.
Cover design Midnight Sun Studio.

Special thanks to Mark O'Shea, Nicole, Martijn Comes, Visserhallen, John Williams and inspirer Willem de Ridder.