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EXTREMA RATIO - A Dangerous Method

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: ADN (Alma De Nieto) - DNN 023 C
Release Year: 2021
Note: "Free Jazzcore" from Italy, extreme and brutal improv stuff performed on drums, electronics, sax, and growling voice... - think of NAKED CITY, PAINKILLER, BRÍTZMANN, ZU, quoting political / cultural texts.. - "Extrem harter Stoff, abgedreht jenseits von No Wave." [Bad Alchemy] - "once it starts you are trapped in itsálabyrinthine maze with some hulking mythic creature on your trail.." [Nick Roseblade]
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DNN 023 C ľ CD 2021


1 Naked Convultions
2 Lust of Death
4á8 Indifference
5áAsthenic Rite
6 Revolution

.xlaidox. : Voice, Effects
Alessandro Cartolari: Sax, Voice
Voldjau Katportha: Electronics
Diego Rosso: Drums

Recorded by Dano Battocchio: 30th November & 1st December 2019 at Mediaducks Studio Perosa Canavese (TO)
Mixed By Dano Battocchio: June 2020 Deepest Sea Torino
Mastered by James Plotkin: October 2020, Bethlehem,PA, USA

"Extrema Ratio cater a highly unique fusion of hyperintense screaming and brutally growling vocals, the muscular drum power and vibe of classic Hardcore whilst all guitar and bass riffing usually associated with the genre have been replaced by oftentimes shrieking, repetetive sax torture and underlying electronic effects to create a well demanding, yet highly recommended tour de force that's to be fully appreciated by those who have been seeking out sonic extremes for a reason" [nitestylez.de / Baze.Djunkiii]