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YOUNG GODS, THE - The Young Gods Play TERRY RILEY in C

Format: do-LP + CD
Label & Cat.Number: Two Gentlemen Records TWOGTL 101- LP
Release Year: 2022
Note: the Swiss industrial rock band performs TERRY RILEY's classic minimal music piece from 1964, as a trio: consisting of 53 short "phrases" that can be repeated a long as needed and sounding different with every new performance - TYG made a very hypnotic, multi-layered percussive affair ouf of this, with enough variation awesome powerful moments.. - "allowing for some additional freedom, for example in terms of managing the sound intensity -- which evolves, in several long cycles..." - gatefold cover, black vinyl version
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The Young Gods release a record with Two Gentlemen, Play Terry Riley In C. Needless to say this is a fertile meeting between two monuments who have helped shape the cutting-edge music of the last few decades. Terry Riley, born in 1935, is the cornerstone on which a considerable number of artists have relied to liberate their relationship to the process and methods of creation. In the same way, The Young Gods revolutionized, from the second half of the 1980s, their relationship with rock music by converting guitars into samplers. Composed and premiered in 1964, In C is a major piece in the contemporary music repertoire of the second half of the 20th century, and a pivotal moment in its history. The score for In C is reduced to 53 musical phrases, which each musician must repeat in the order in which they appear, as many times as he or she wishes; the instrumentation is not specified; the impetus for the performance is not given by an orchestral direction, but by the musicians listening to one another. A perfectly open work, In C was the first work to offer a successful synthesis of repetition and variation. The Young Gods first approached In C in 2019 at the invitation of Benedikt Hayoz, director of the Landwehr wind orchestra in Freiburg -- this resulted in a performance of the work with 85 musicians. Other approaches were made with Ensemble Batida, a Geneva-based contemporary music collective, with the dance company Alias, and with the documentary filmmaker Peter Mettler, for his film Petropolis. In this album, The Young Gods offer a new interpretation of In C, as a trio and with their own sound vocabulary -- electronic instruments, drums, and guitars. They have chosen to follow the score and Terry Riley's indications, while allowing for some additional freedom, for example in terms of managing the sound intensity -- which evolves, in several long cycles, from almost silence to eruption and back again. They have also chosen to maintain a constant tempo throughout the live performance by building up a hypnotic flow and a continuous musical presence that meanders and oscillates in perpetually changing rings and atmospheres that transform in a perfectly fluid manner. By developing through a series of crescendos and decrescendos, by playing on the repeated addition and removal of musical phrases, by working sensitively on the sound quality (timbre, grain, alterations) of its elements, the piece aligns a series of ascents, ecstatic plateaus and lulls that give the work as a whole all the characteristics of a living form. Double LP version includes CD."