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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Nowhere Worldwide
Release Year: 2022
Note: ALBERTO NOVELLO (aka JESTERN) is a sound artist working with old analog devices, connecting sound and light in his installations, using self repaired or modified machines from the past... - this way, a very unusual collaboration arised with FRANCISCO LOPEZ, both working with the same source materials - one long (37 min.) piece by both, full of strangest electro-magnetic buzzing and humming, sinewaves and analogue hissing, anti -music in new shaped forms.. lim. 300
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neocortical f-bars
by francisco lpez & alberto novello

01. francisco lpez - untitled#383 [36:44]
Created at mobile messor (Madrid, Los Angeles, Den Haag) and Dune Studio (Loosduinen), 2019-2020
(c) Francisco Lpez 2020 www.franciscolopez.net

02. alberto novello 37:00 [37:00]
Created at Ni Dieu, Ni Maitre Studios (Trieste, Italy), 2020
(c) Alberto Novello 2020 www.jestern.com

Pieces created from shared source materials.

Photograph & artwork by Francisco Lpez.

(p) 2020 Two-Headed Snake t-hs.bandcamp.com


"Neocortical F-Bars (recorded with Alberto Novello) has the distinction of having been released as a CD in 2020 on Lpez hard-to-find sister label Nowhere Worldwide (typically distributed through Norman Records). A much different animal, this release pops and pings like injured playback devices from the last century. Midway through Lpez side, a tempo develops, eventually lifting the piece from abstraction to form before a final reduction to static. Novello substitutes fizzes and whorls, occasionally slipping into silence while preparing the next movement. The tone is as cold and septic as its cover, ending in Geiger fuzz." [A Closer Listen]