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LOPEZ, FRANCISCO - Belu (Environmental sound matter from Myanmar [Burma])

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Nowhere Worldwide - The Epoche Collection - Vol. 5
Release Year: 2015
Note: fifth part in the strong 'Epoche Collection' series with original environmental 'sound matter' from various locations around the world => Recordings from 6 places in Myanmar (Burma) form this one-tracker of 58 min. length that starts very silent, but evolves into overwhelming sections of reptiles, rain, and unrecognizable insect and animal sounds.... - ed. of 300 copies
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Environmental sound matter from Myanmar (Burma)
The Epoch Collection - vol. 5

In the representational culture the subject is in a different world than things. In the technological culture the subject is in the world with things. Previously existing transcendence and dualism is displaced by the immanence, monism. There are two dualisms at stake here. One between the subject [...] and the cultural entity s/he encounters. The other is between this cultural entity and the reality it more or less fully represents. Relationships between all three of these elements subject, cultural object and real object are distanciated in the representational culture. In the technological culture, all three are in the same world, in the same immanent world.
Scott Lash Critique of Information

Original environmental sound matter recorded in
2010 at locations in Myanmar (Burma): Ywapu,
Nyaungshwe, Sagaing, Bagan, Mount Popa
and Ngwe Saung..

Edited, composed and mastered at mobile messor
(Troy, Cape Town, Geneva, Den Haag), 2015.

Many thanks to: Dana Bar Magen, Maung Saw Tin
and Daw Mya Aye.

First published on CD ('nowhere') in November 2015 - Edition 300 copies.

(c) francisco lpez 2015 - www.franciscolopez.net

Immaterial reissue by nowhere [worldwide] 2018