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MUNDAL, ARE - Nocturnal Discombobulation

Format: 7inch
Label & Cat.Number: Telesterion Records 004
Release Year: 2022
Note: the death ambient project from Norway with two new tracks that even reveal an extremely doomy and slowed down "Jazz atmosphere", all enriched with ghostly voices and drones this is truly gloomy and cinematic, mesmerizing stuff!! lim. / numb. 100 copies, inkl. 2 postcards, last copies
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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"Are Mundal / N.U.N. Nocturnal Discombobulation (Telestrion Records 004) 7" EP 12m According to one of the inserts that comes with this, N.U.N. stands for "Nacht und Nebel", whereas the other insert says "New experimental/dark ambient 7" by Nacht und Nebel " - hmmm, okay. Yet the cover implies that it's an Are Mundal release! And, what does Discombobulation mean? "In a state of confusion" according to Google. So, aptly nothing is clear. Except for the Satanic and sado-erotic imagery of the artwork. The music is all of a bleak and gloomy nature, as one expects from Are Mundal, almost certainly inspired by dark ambient and industrial music of artists like Lustmrd, SPK or Brume. The A-side is based around deep growly sounds, dark tones, shuddery electronics, guitar/bass, some saxophone and voice fragments, plus sundry other elements, whereas the B-side starts with the narration from a dissection commentary over which string tones and ritualistic percussives grow. Each side is over too soon really, and I could well imagine the music achieving far more if it had been given the room to develop. Yet, for what it is, it must be one of the strangest 7" records I've heard in a while, and also a rather good one." [Audion Mag.]