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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Ultima Ratio UR 004
Release Year: 2022
Note: intense apocalyptic ritual music from these Israeli sound artists, activists and musicians, MEIRA ASHER and URI FROST on one side of this split LP, MEIRA is reciting a poem named UNDO by JEREMY AVIS with her incredible deep voice over doom laden industrial sounds... TZII on the split side sounds different, more collageous and digitally processed, fragmented and morphed sounds all around ("a funeral oration to love.."- great LP, lim. 300, elaborated silk-screen cover !!
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On this split record, Meira Asher accompanied by Uri Frost recites with her voice, that's so powerful and distinctive, a poem written with Jeremy Avis. Uri Frost's guitars and synthesisers transport us in this unstable universe that creates and destroys itself.

Tzii offers us a surge of melancholy and impossible love. It's a real funeral oration to love called YALNIZ. The title itself is a journey in a lonely country.

Cover by Stphane Blanquet

Mastering Frdric Alstadt
Pressed Records Industry