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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Midira Records midira 105
Release Year: 2021
Note: high-class NEO Krautrock with drone and psych influences you could call this, the third CD (after two cassettes in 2017) by this guitar-bass-drum (& laptop) trio from Canada created one long floating piece (almost one hour long) in seven parts, which ebbs and flows through the ether like an ocean but never looses the percussive grounding...- highly recommended for Space Rock lovers and other cosmic babies; - lim. 220 copies
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Whisper Room are back with the new full length album "Lunokhod".

On Lunokhod Whisper Room are taking off for an extended journey full of different sound explorations. The album starts with catchy beats and ambient melodies and transforms from track to track into more experimental themes, mostly bonded by tribal and rhythmic drums. The album surprisingly ends with a minimal drone piece...

Aidan Baker (guitar/effects)
Jakob Thiesen (drums/electronics)
Neil Wiernik (bass/electronics)
Robin Buckley (percussion)
Scott Deathe (pedal processing/treatments)