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Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Yellow Swans Archive YSA3
Release Year: 2021
Note: first proper re-issue of rare cassette from 2007 ==>- "..one of the legendary duos fiercest deployments of scorched earth noise-gaze." [Boomkat] - "If Deterioration is our most kosmiche, I would say that Drowner is our most gonzo psych rock record.." [Pete Swanson]; 500 copies made, remastered by RASHAD BECKER
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Finally! The first broadly available edition of Drowner Yellow Swans lands after a slew of hiccups. So this was originally a tape cobbled together in that space between At All Ends and Going Places. Can't remember if we had decided to wrap up the band at this point, but it was about that time where we were fried from touring, Gabe was thinking about moving to Canada, things were IN MOTION. We had this whole string of shows lined up with Sissy Spacek in the PNW, Wiese had a stack of blank takes and a new imprint. HEY, sounds like it's time for a new tape. Because of the historically ridiculous lag between making an album and it being available to the public, the timeline is a bit weird, but this was essentially following up our last tour tape, Deterioration, which was also just sort of an assembly of basement recordings. We had ditched the idea of compositions at this point and were just JAMMING. and jamming often. Basically, we had a dedicated practice studio and were rehearsing and recording several days a week. Just banging it out and dedicating it all to tape. Both Deterioration and Drowner have this sort of snapshot character of our process, sifting through a state of the band when we were thinking more about one thing than another. If Deterioration is our most kosmiche, I would say that Drowner is our most gonzo psych rock record. still as noisy and fried as ever, but pulling from Loveless, Rallizes, Main.. but also just like... our own insular process of playing and listening and touring and repeating that for years. Drowner was basically recorded months before Going Places and Being There but projects a different focus on dynamics, drama and NOISE. This could be because we were gearing up to play shows with Spacek and knew we'd be playing with The Rita and Iron Lung on this jaunt. Gotta be up to crust you know? - Pete