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META MEAT - Infrasupra

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Ant-Zen act421.4
Release Year: 2021
Note: the project of PHIL VON (VON MAGNET) and SOMEKILOS with a phantastic "ritual electronic" release, lot of percussion instruments in perfect balance and high tension, creating shamanistic visions, the meeting of archaic "embodied" vibes and modern electronic sounds... check out the excellent video clip too (youtube) ! - "it offers the feeling of an escape, of free-running thoughts, of untamed imagination, open spaces, wild element and genuine fire found within oneself. " [Reflections of Darkness}
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meta meat presents its second musical work: INFRASUPRA
the theme of this album is the equilibrium between our aspirations to reach a new 'suprahuman' omniscient condition and our inner 'infrahuman' material essence. how do modern 'civilised' technological humans (supra) still do cohabit with their animalistic truth (infra)? our desire for carnal flesh versus our quest to become a more 'godlike' creator are challenging our physical / metaphysical co-existence in this more and more virtual world. this work also pays tribute to those we used to refer as 'primitive' and now were renamed out of guilt: 'first people'. we wish to invoke the forgotten pulses and spirits of the 'lost tribes' - those primary nations which we wiped out or colonised, some still in resistance - as inspirations for our future.
the music of INFRASUPRA explores its dichotomous theme by proposing a mix of crude acoustic instruments with raw samples and sophisticated electronic sounds. self-invented rhythms are played with various percussions (daf, bendhir, hand drums, toms, etc...) then combined with various digital elements. somekilos and phil von succeeded in creating 10 neo-archaic / electro-ethnic ritual mini stories, offering with this masterful second album a unique and original musical endeavour.


meta meat - trampled [official video]

somekilos: electronic, hand-drum, toms, cymbals, daf, wooden rattles, voices
phil von: electronic, daf, bendir, cajacuerda, voices

mastered by norscq
layout by stefan alt

released in collaboration with le label beige. www.facebook.com/lelabel.beige

this is ant-zen act421