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GRINBERG, ANATOLY - The Dreams and their Meanings

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Ant-Zen act410
Release Year: 2021
Note: first full length album by this Moscow based composer (& now member of DEAD VOICES IN AIR) => inspired by various forms of dreams (from nightmares over lucid dreams to daydreams) he creates truly hypnotic, grinding electronic industrial and ambient scapes with a surrealistic touch... rhythmic & complex but hardly danceable, with continous tension evoked and great sound effects..
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"dreams are like the brains video playback machine. theyre made up of bits and pieces of memories, images, products of the imagination, and feelings. the brain arranges these into a story - usually a slightly weird one! most people dream up to 6 times a night, but there are those who don't dream at all. whether this is legitimate or they just never remember their night time stories, nobody really knows. these are 7 types of dreams and anatoly grinberg's musical interpretation of them.

its a finely crafted and sophisticated ambient album, straddling the axis between industrial, electronic, contemporary modern classical and improvised noise with raw emotion and a continuous cinematic tension. a sonically rewarding journey through our dreams.

all tracks written and produced by anatoly grinberg in moscow, russia in 2020-2021. artwork by stefan alt. this is ant-zen act410"