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ARMAROLI, SERGIO - Mahler (in/a) Cage / Casetta di composizione

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Gruenrekorder GRUEN 203
Release Year: 2021
Note: curious field recording project that tries to capture the environmental soundscape in Toblach / Bozen where GUSTAV MAHLER stayed around 1909 - 1911 in summer at his composer house, composing his last works...- based on JOHN CAGE's concept of "Sculptures Musicals" (1989), this is a kind of re-imagination of a hypothetical soundscape with certain elements involved that had impact in the compositional work..
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The Mahler (in/a) Cage field recording work involves the recording, in situ, from the Casetta di composizione (Composition house) in Dobbiaco/Toblach (Bozen), of the soundscape in which Gustav Mahler composed his last works from 1909 to 1911 and in particular The Song of the Earth (Das Lied von der Erde). The recording session took place over two summer days, from July to August 2020 from 5 am onwards, in the period of the year in which Mahler himself re sided in Dobbiaco to compose at the beginning of the century.

Mahler (in/a) Cage is a field recording work, a process of possible reconstruction of a hypothetical and natural soundscape, within Mahlers music or rather his musical imaginary following some archetypal signals (e.g. cowbells, birdsongs). All this is traced back to the composition of John Cage Sculptures Musicales (1989): Sounds lasting and leaving from different points and forming a sounding sculpture which lasts (Marcel Duchamp). An exhibition of several (sonic sculptures), one at a time, beginning and ending hard-edge with respect to the surrounding silence, each sculpture within the same space the audience is. From one sculpture to the next, no repetition, no variation. For each a minimum of three constant sounds each in a single envelope. No limit to their number. Any lengths of lasting. Any lengths of non-formation. Acoustic and/or electronic [Peters Edition EP 67348].


1. The sound of the earth: at dawn [0:00 to 7:31]
2. Characters [7:31 to 19:16]
3. Variant and shape of water [19:16 to 24:41]
4. Nel mezzo [24:41 to 34:54] ~ Dialectical Cesura
5. Zoo: animal symbolism [34:54 to 43:39]
6. Casetta di composizione [43:39 to 46:39] / 6A [46:39 to 49:17] ~ Subjective \ nervous susceptibility
7. The long look: forever \ Ewig
(A Musicall Banquet, 1610, no. 10) [49:17 to 1:14:00]