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CUPPLES, AARON - Island of the Hungry Ghost (OST)

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: PAN - PAN110LP
Release Year: 2021
Note: wonderful Motion Picture Soundtrack for the documentary of same name = a film 'moving between the natural, human and spiritual worlds' of the "Christmas Island", located near Indonesia, with millions of red crabs moving from the jungle towards the ocean...- the score consists of many field recordings (ocean, insects, fire, Buddhist prayers) and drones created on a selfmade long-string instruments, for an ongoing powerful immersion... - incl. large 8 page booklet and postcard with link to watch the film!!
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Island of the Hungry Ghosts is a hybrid documentary that moves between the natural, human and spiritual worlds. Located off the coast of Indonesia, the Australian territory of Christmas Island is inhabited by migratory crabs traveling in their millions from the jungle towards the ocean, in a movement that has been provoked by the full moon for hundreds of thousands of years. Poh Lin Lee is a trauma therapist who lives with her family in this seemingly idyllic paradise. Every day, she talks with the asylum seekers held indefinitely in a high-security detention centre hidden in the island's core, attempting to support them in a situation that is as unbearable as its outcome is uncertain. As Poh Lin and her family explore the island's beautiful yet threatening landscape, the local islanders carry out their "hungry ghost" rituals for the spirits of those who died on the island without a burial. They make offerings to appease the lost souls who are said to be wandering the jungles at night looking for home. This album presents the original score Aaron Cupples created for the film. Rich in texture and harmonics, the music is characterized by the bespoke instruments and recording techniques employed in its creation. The soundtrack also features sound recordist Leo Dolgan's vivid field recordings. All captured on Christmas Island, the four pieces recall insect choruses, strange and ominous bird calls, erupting blowholes, fire, ocean, and Buddhist prayers for the dead. The album is mastered by Rashad Becker, featuring design by N MRE 08. *LP comes with an obi strip, a booklet containing stills from the documentary & liner notes, as well as a postcard granting access to the full film*