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TEMPLEGARDEN'S - Live at Maschinenfest 2001

Format: MC
Label & Cat.Number: Raubbau RAUB-085
Release Year: 2021
Note: TEMPLEGARDEN'S was the following project of former ARS MORIENDI members, this is a highly interesting live document from 2001, recorded in Aachen, Germany => performed with 5 people on stage, a very ritualistic, amorph, dark fairy-tale mood is created, complex electronics zip into your Unconscious, enriched with field recordings and acoustic sounds... lim. 50 copies only!
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"for the cherished series of maschinenfest live recordings, raubkauf goes way back in time: 2001, az aachen, moisture dripping from the low ceiling on the heads of the hundreds attending. on stage the artist collective templegardens, including - among others - members of synapscape, asche and morgenstern. this is a fine document of their peculiar dark ambient sound, half electronic and half acoustic, heavily influenced by tolkiens books and a romantic outlook on nature. the band is in an enhanced mood, playful and focused at the same time, making this a rewarding return!

recorded live at maschinenfest, az aachen, germany, october 6th, 2001.

templegarden's was: andrea brner-schramm, leigh hunt, tim kniep, philipp mnch, andreas schramm."