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KINKELAAR, FREEK - WONDERSOUND. Discovering weird, wild and wonderful music

Format: BOOK
Label & Cat.Number: Korm Plastics
Release Year: 2021
Note: a collection of heart-warming and humorous writings (reviews, articles, liner notes) from the dutch musician (BRUNNEN, BEEQUEEN), incl. many cover-picks, feat for example ZOVIET FRANCE, SPK, LA MONTE YOUNG, GEROGERIGEGEGE, VAGINA DENTATA ORGAN, DEREK JARMAN, BRAINTICKET, etc. etc..- with foreword from EDWARD KA-SPEL - 288 pages, hardcover, this is the cheaper standard version with b/w pics !! A must for any collector of obscure music!!!
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discovering weird, wild and wonderful music
a book by Freek Kinkelaar
hard cover, 282 pages

For over thirty years, Freek Kinkelaar has been writing about music for publications such as Vital Weekly and renowned international magazine Record Collector Magazine. He has contributed liner notes for releases by labels such as Cherry Red, and also writes essays on music. Wondrous music.

This book, Wondersound, is about being amazed, challenged, bedazzled and caressed by music. It documents Kinkelaar's discovery of obscure vinyl, cassettes, artist records and vanity pressings covering avant-garde, noise, ambient, lounge and experimental music. The book's quire presents nearly 50 examples of exuberant vinyl and cassette packaging.

Featuring an introduction written by Edward Ka-Spel of The Legendary Pink Dots, Wondersound offers a dozen articles on, amongst others, noise music, Brainticket, The Gerogerigegege, Gary Wilson, Japanese erotic music, Rozz Williams, Vagina Dentata Organ and labels such as Come Organisation and Industrial Records. Over 80 columns cover artists as diverse as The International Sex Opera Band, SPK, Su Tissue, Pierre Schaeffer, Derek Jarman, La Monte Young, Princess Tinymeat, Zoviet France and Robbie the Werewolf! Added are an interview, liner notes and essays on why not to read lyric sheets and how Kinkelaar not only met a member of The Residents but, in the end, became one!

With an aim to inspire and entertain, Freek Kinkelaar writes with a wicked sense of humour, a keen eye for Anorakian detail and a genuine love for music. Known for his own musical endeavours under various guises such as Beequeen (with Frans de Waard), Brunnen and a plethora of other names, Kinkelaar has been collecting weird, wild and wonderful music since 1980.

This book is an essential read for those with an open mind towards the beautiful strangeness of sound. Wondersound.

Design by Alfred Boland

The book's quire of 50 images is printed in black and white. The book's front and back cover are printed in colour and the book's content is identical to the colour-printed version. The black and white version does not come with any of the additional extra's of the colour version.

image: http://kormplastics.nl/wondersound.html