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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Auf Abwegen AATP67
Release Year: 2021
Note: a very special collaboration by three German underground experiMENTALists: highly ambitious material between earplay, collage, and soundscaping, every second, every little noise, counts = the whole atmosphere is secretful and mysterious, often silent and intimate... - six shorter tracks come from T. SOLTAU and EMERGE (field recordings, instrumental sounds), the one central epic piece "Vor dem Hitzschlag" was end-remixed by RLW - 200 copies
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"Let me see if I can summarize the 'how' and 'why' here. In 2016 Swiss Radio commissed music by Thorsten Soltau. He used piano and electronics for the six resulting pieces. In November 2017, these recordings were then used by Sascha Stadlmeier, also known as Emerge, to further treatment, mix, or whatever you call it, and added field recordings and electronics. Then Ralf Wehowsky received the material and created a seventeen-minute collage out of all the material. For Wehowsky, this has been part of his work ever since working as P16.D4, and later on solo as RLW, working with sound material from others. Stadlmeier (also known as EMERGE) is of the next generation doing similar things and has an impressive list of collaborations. Over the years, Staldmeier's music matured and moved away from the all to obvious repeating samples, and noisy crescendo's
into carefully built sound constructions. EMERGE has the first five pieces and the last one, while RLW is sixth. There are some interesting differences between the approaches of EMERGE and RLW. It seems to me as if EMERGE here goes for the method that is all sparse. Sure, he bends his sounds with electronics, staples a drone or two, adds some reverb to a solid bang on the piano, but all of this is finely dosed to precision. I already compared his work with that of Asmus Tietchens, and this is, even more, the case here. But it is not a one on one copy. EMERGE cleverly adds his personal touch to the original sound material and adds his sound material sparsely. RLW, on the other hand, has a slightly different approach, connecting more with a musique concrte approach, and throughout his piece, he moves through more sound material than EMERGE, or at least, so it seems. Maybe he likes it all so much that he wanted to use it a lot. RLW's piece is a collage of sounds, with full stops and
starts, taking the piece to entirely different pastures. It is throughout a louder piece of music than the five by EMERGE, but I very much enjoyed this approach. All of this release reads 'classical collaboration spirit'.[FdW / Vital Weekly]