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LEGENDARY PINK DOTS (LPD) - Hallway of the Gods

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Soleilmoon Recordings SOL 50 CD
Release Year: 1997
Note: STERREKRAZHNALIVSHIJAR-H ALHEMNIS - the praised studio album from 1997, back in stock! - "Massive. If the Dots had ever recorded for a major label, it would have been exactly like this era. There are too many highlights here.." [RTW]
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1997. A big change again for the Dots as Martijn and Raymond had left while Edwin van Wanrooij (Atwyn) and Frank Verschuuren joined.
For sure the Dots went extremely spacey for Hallway and it remains a big favourite among band members to this day.

Press Release

Hallway of the Gods is the name of the brilliant new studio album by The Legendary Pink Dots, their first in two years. Recorded over the last 12 months in Nijmegen and Vancouver, this album presents the Dots at the pinnacle of their creativity. Psychedelic electronics are perfectly mated to Edward Ka-spels distinctive vocal style, producing a transcendent musical experience. Hallway of the Gods will initially be available as a limited edition double album, complete with different artwork and a bonus track, 9 Shades (Houston) Parts 1 & 2 that will not be available on the compact disc.

A spokesperson from the Dots camp issued this cryptic statement regarding the new album:

So you are sitting in a plane a few thousand feet above the Atlantic Ocean innocently gazing out of the window, when it suddenly becomes clear that all is not as it should be.

For a start, your sick bag is humming a somewhat atonal version of Gershwins Rhapsody in Blue in your right ear, just loud enough to irritate you and the cigar smoking geranium in the seat next to you.

Taking your eyes away from the window for a second, you note that your legs have disappeared, and in their place is a formless wobbling substance that resembled gelatin. Being a strict vegetarian you naturally find this disturbing, but your attempts to cry out for assistance end up sounding like small feeeeeping sounds. A three headed eagle with bad breath squats on the seat in front of you screaming inaccurate quotes from the Koran in an obviously fake Irish accent.

Its time for a nervous breakdown, but the eagle mutates into a balloon faced sergeant-major who bellows This is NO time for a nervous breakdown, asshole we gotta go hunting ventriloquists! And the plane turns into a bottle obeer, bottle obeer and the earth turns into a peanut butter sandwich which is in turn eaten by a crocodile and spat out again because it tastes like nothing and the whole goddamn universe melts into a green blob, grows an enormous leg, tap-dances on Fred Astaires skull and mutates into EVERYTHING again.

Time twists backwards, and you are sitting on a plane innocently gazing out of the window eating a piece of dried banana.

We are but playthings my friends. We are yours to disrespect, my large looming friend up there

Welcome to the Hallway, the exits are lies. -EKS