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O YUKI CONJUGATE - Sleepwalker

Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Utter - UTTER 8
Release Year: 2021
Note: lim. vinyl version of the AUF ABWEGEN CD from 2019 with selected live recordings (with top quality!) from their extensive touring throught Europe 2017-2019, building the dreamlike soundtrack for the film of a same name by ANDREW HULME of OYC... 400 copies incl. 12" insert and 16 page 10" x 10" booklet, 3 bonus-tracks !!
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €36.50

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"Beside guest vox by Keeley Forsyth, post punk/ambient vets Andrew Hulme and Roger Horberry turn sandmen on the gloaming Sleepwalker session, which doubles as the soundtrack for Hulmes film of the same name.

Conceived as an audio-visual project alongside Alex Egan and Stuart Hardie - the latter of whom who also did the art for their recent Tension of Opposites tape - Sleepwalker is exemplary of OYCs current direction, with plangent keyboards and processed guitars describing nocturnal headspaces in an allusive style thats warranted cult interest to their music since the early 80s.

Initially issued on underground German label Auf Abwegen, and now on vinyl for the first time with three bonus recordings, Sleepwalker is exactly the sort of material that benefits from an analogue host, committing their plasmic tones and hallucinatory ethers to black crack with properly immersive results. While created as a soundtrack, for which were sure it beautifully serves its purpose, the albums suggestively evocative space leaves lots to the imagination and lends itself to colouring your own dreams and life-as-a-film adventures." [Boomkat]