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Format: CD-R
Label & Cat.Number: OKO Records OK 02
Release Year: 2019
Note: following the tradition of celebrating the birthdays of kids in Greece with a musical event, this documents the music created (for the 3rd birthday of Orion that happened near Xanthi) by small kids through a special software programme 'drawn' by their mouses on the PC screen => playful minimal synths miniatures with odd sound samples combined... truly dadaistic and childish; lim. 44 copies, excellent cover artwork
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More Info

"This is the second release of Oko Records (OK 02), brother label of eclipsis.gr
Behind the nickname "thepersonwhodidthis" we find the Greek electronic / experimental music artist Sotiris Bakagiannis who back in 2009 was invited to create atmospheres to celebrate little Orion's 3nd birthday party which took place in an old house in the village of Iasmos, near Xanthi, North Greece.
For this ocassion he used his software performed either by himself or by the little children who were invited to the party and used 7 pc mouses provided to "draw" freely music colours on the pc screen (each mouse corresponding to certain colour and a musical note).

Here's nothing but the manipulated recording of this enchanting night."