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GUS, LARRY - Iasmos

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: OKO Records OK 01
Release Year: 2009
Note: very charmful "Baby-Paradise" miniature music from Greece, a most obscure release combining field recordings (mainly from kids from a birthday party), Casio / synth melodies and samples with voice; extremely cute and soft, reminding a bit on earliest FELICIA ATKINSON tunes.. 18 short tracks, comes with a 10 panel full-colour fold out cover with all those kids and involved persons... lim. 252 copies
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More Info

Larry Gus - Iasmos CDR

Lovely baby pop electronica with live extracts.

Limited to 252 handnumbered copies

Very special package in five folded wagon parts like a train

Artwork: Hara

Released: 04/04/2009

18 untitled tracks

Total time: 33:05

"Somewhere in the more remote area of Xanthi there is family who treat their two children with unusual birthday gifts, usually specially played recorded CDs. One Larry Gus played some music for the second birthday of Orion (who I saw being baptized, but that's another story), which seems partly based on field recordings of a children's party and, for a larger part, on electronic keyboards, loop devices and a bit of vocals. Eighteen short pieces here of highly improvised music - there is a story about the original master being and it had to be restored or recreated in a short time span, but it sounds quite nice altogether. Childlike, obviously I'd say, intimate and also at times joyous. At thirty two minutes also having the right length for such a thing." [FdW, Vital Weekly]