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MIRROR - Some Days it rains all Night

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: La Scie Doree - Scie 2620
Release Year: 2020
Note: the most "lulling", dream-minimalistic ambience you could find came from MIRROR in the early 2000s, the project of ANDREW CHALK & CHRISTOPH HEEMANN, with occasional guests => here's NEW material recorded with TIMO VAN LUIJK (AF URSIN, ELODIE..) and VICKI JACKMAN (MARSFIELD), two side-long pieces.. "In other words, its dead trippy, and the other side takes the vibe yet further out into the dream swamp,.." [Boomkat] - 350 copies on clear vinyl
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Breathtaking first new album in 15 years from "Andrew Chalk and Christoph Heemanns cult duo Mirror, debuting on La Scie Dore - home to their respective adored projects with Timo Van Luijk (Elodie, In Camera). A total gem for Jim ORourke or Kassel Jaeger fiends!

Both hugely regarded in their shared fields of exploration between improvised, low key noise, ambient and experimental composition, Chalk and Heemann have followed their nose for this sound since the early 80s alongside dozens of underground dons and their empathic level of musical comms really shows across this beautiful album. Most particularly were struck by the electro-acoustic mixing and recording, which comes close to the levels of subtly disorienting proprioceptive fuckery executed by their peer Jim ORourke, making them seemingly dialled in from different distant axes of floating suspension on the first side, before achieving immanent states of intimate meditation amid swirling ambient noise on the B-side.

Some Days It Rains All Night introduces itself with tantalising timbral thizz and murmuring nudges of surreal acoustic space that soon start to slip out of time and place, inducing keening sensations and a slippage of light that give the scene a laggy glow, where their daubs of piano keys appear like glinting lights in a mist of bowed cymbals and rumbles of gong thunder, immaculately rendered in-the-mix for deeply disorienting effect. In other words, its dead trippy, and the other side takes the vibe yet further out into the dream swamp, holding off to more tentative gestures for a more uncanny sense of stasis and shrouded in electro-acoustic apparitions that richly recall similar interzones explored in Kassel Jaegers recent ace for Shelter Press." [Boomkat]

"....Then the clangor fades to a relative calmness, the textural wholeness returning autonomously to the inscrutable vibratory core that has always defined Mirrors output. In the end, we register the symbolism for ones existence. A fundamental quiet to begin with, a growth at first under control then gradually difficult, the fight against problems bigger than our strength, the apparent lack of a way out, the exclusively mental conjectures about an unknown after hindering the quest for becoming pure sound. The only significant goal.

But the elapsing of time brings things back into perspective. The breathing slows down, the awareness still deeply painful. Somehow, we keep walking. And learning, day by day, from authentic teachers. Those who wont utter a single word." [Touching Extremes]