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Format: do-LP
Label & Cat.Number: Southern Lord LORD266
Release Year: 2020
Note: with "Home" (1994), a collection of live recordings, the circle of vinyl re-issues of C.B.M albums by Southern Lord ends = simply one of the most raw and violent, ecstatic and experimental rock industrial bands that has ever existed... and there are rumours they are recording again! "Schwere Gitarren, Feedback-Wogen, ausufernde Strukturen, wuchtig bollerndes Schlagzeug, ein Noise-Sperrfeuer, aber in Blues grundiert - eine Musik, die kaum eindeutiger in den 1980er Jahren zu verorten wre."[Andreas Schnell]
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"Southern Lord will release Home, the final installment in the CASPAR BRTZMANN MASSAKER series, on April 17th. The indelible trio continues to perform live, and CASPAR BRTZMANN, arguably one of the most unique and innovative guitarists of the last forty years, is exploring new solo material and will release his first solo album this year 2020."