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MAEROR TRI - The Singles

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: EE Tapes EE42
Release Year: 2020
Note: special priced collection of all M.T vinyl. 7"es and one 10", recorded 1993-1996, re-issue as 6 panel digipak with new cover, 500 copies... "Traversing raw post-industrial noise and sublime guitar-generated dronescapes, this is essential stuff for fans of MAEROR TRI's dream-drift. and remains some of the best drone music ever made.." [Crucial Blast]
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €10.00

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Reissue of MAËROR TRI(...)'s full vinyl singles / EP's recorded from 1993-1996 (except for their first one, "Saltatrix" on Drone Records - DR01)

"Am Tag, als die Stil- und Genrebildung geprägt wurde, waren drei Nordlichter besonders aktiv. Unter der Bezeichnung Maeror Tri revolutionierten sie fortan Sound- und Hörerfahrungen. Zielgruppe der drei war stets die rechte Hirnhälfte. Wundervolle Edelsteine aus dem tiefen Ozean wurden fortan geborgen, auf 7“ gepresst und sind heute nur noch schwer erhältlich. So ist es im äußersten Maße begrüßenswert, dass den Hörern nun dies wieder zugänglich wird. Bleibt zweierlei festzuhalten. Zunächst steht unverrückbar, dass sämtliche in der Folge schier unzählige Epigonen lieber ihr Bestreben nach Ausdruck auf den Hobbykeller bzw. auf die Untermalung des letzten Urlaubsvideos richten sollten. Zweitens steht ebenso unumstößlich fest, dass Maeror Tri eine Ausnahmeerscheinung und somit eigentlich unvergleichlich waren!" [Leonie D./ TAUCHER Nr. 02]

What can I say? They were my fave Drone/Industrial unit in the nineties and when this came out 15 years ago, it didn't last for too long until it was completely sold out...
So by popular demand, here's the reissue, no more no less !!
May the Force be with You !!
Photography (unknown location) by Jan Kees Helms
Mastering at Illlektrik Toolz by Herman Klapholz
Design by Jan Van den Broeke
Tags: Drone - Industrial - Experimental


"Probably there is only one group that started as a cassette only band, who will successfully release their entire back-catalogue on real CDs (not CDRs) and that is Maeror Tri. They started out in the late eighties as a three piece ambient industrial group, and released a whole bunch of cassettes and subsequently also 7"s and CDs. In the late nineties one of the three band-members left and the name was changed to Troum. Their 7"s are now collected on this CD, for the first time and complete as such (so the originals can go to Ebay now, although I have no idea how well sought there). One 7" is missing and that's the one that they released on their own label, Drone Records (which started the label) and which will be re-issued soon. It's good to see this released as last, as the music of Maeror Tri can best be enjoyed in the digital format, away from the scratchy, hissy vinyl, of which the duration was sometimes also too long for a 7". This collection starts out with quite a raw Maeror Tri, with metallic banging but as the CD progresses, some of the more classic Maeror Tri appear: dark and dense and intense, with much layering of sound effects, percussive sounds and many obscure sound-sources (I once saw them playing an accordion on stage, feeding it through a whole line of sound effects). These singles, three 7"s and one 10", can easily be classified among the best they ever did and with the enhanced quality of the CD, this is a much wanted item. Time to plunder their cassette releases and release those on CD. Do I hear the word 'boxset', anyone?" [Fdw/Vital Weekly - original review to the first ed. 2005]