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Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Matiere Memoire MMXX-03
Release Year: 2020
Note: 3rd release in the new MMXX series that presents 20 artists from the experimental sound-art scene with very nice design / concept => dedicated to the year 2020 there will be 20 x 20 min. compositions on one-sided clear vinyl, with laser engraved artwork by the artist on the B-Side, lim. to 500 copies => CM VON HAUSSWOLFF trudges with you through a dense but mellow / somehow harmonic drone-fog that changes its 'Gestalt' gradually and suspends the passaging of time (for at least 20 minutes;)...
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €24.00

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Matière Mémoire presents the MMXX Series.
In anticipation of the year 2020, Matière Mémoire asked 20 great artists to create an original 20 minutes piece and an artwork.
Throughout this year, each quarter will see the release of 5 new vinyls, available individually or as a bundle.
Each record is limited at 500 copies and comes as a crystal clear vinyl featuring an original track of 20 minutes on one side, and a laser engraved artwork on the other.
Each contained in a transparent sleeve printed with the MMXX logo, and each coming with a print of the artist artwork.

Participate in this series :
Franck Vigroux
John Duncan
Phill Niblock
Jim O’Rourke
Reinier Van Houdt
Stephen O’Malley
CM Von Hausswolff
Hampus Lindwall
Oren Ambarchi
Kevin Drumm
Bérangère Maximin
Kassel Jaeger
Daniel Menche
Charlemagne Palestine
Giueseppe Ielasi
Carlos Casas
Susanna Santos Silva
Joachim Nordwall
Karbé Dinel
Mauro Lanza
released March 19, 2020

MUSIC & ARTWORK BY CM VON HAUSSWOLFF - recorded in Imperia, Italy and Alligator Head, Jamaica - composed at the Castle, Stockholm, Sweden, 2019
published by Touch Music/Fairwood Music UK Ltd - acknowledgements to Francesca, Markus and Jónsi - GRAPHICS & LAYOUTS BY CEDRIC D’HONDT - Mastering & cut by Frédéric Alstadt