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XQM / EMERGE / LDX#40 - Session #43, recomposed

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Ecocentric Records E.R.# 210 / E-Klageto - Exklageto 20
Release Year: 2019
Note: three way split CD with three EMERGing noise/drone/experimental artists from Germany => XQM, a duo from Koblenz, start with a stunning 20 min. amorph drone-noise piece, nicely evolving with lots of buzzing swirls, EMERGE created a more surrealistic electro-acoustic drone piece with odd voice sounds and more, LDX#40 produced a dark analogue ambient noise track with suspense, also using field recordings from XQM..
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original field-recordings and sounds by xqm
reworked and recomposed by EMERGE and LDX#40

xqm - Session #43 | 2018-07-05 | Track #02
Recorded during 43rd session 05th.July 2018 at WWII shelter Koblenz-Neuendorf/Germany
Manuel Schaub: Sequencer & FX
Matthias Weigand: Analog Synth & FX, Recording & Mastering

EMERGE - trover
composed in the region of Kutn Hora
final editing and mastering in Berlin
in August 2018

LDX#40 - Pangea Mix
Assembled in Frankfurt/Main
in December 2018

xqm artist-edition available here:
released November 8, 2019


There is a slightly confusing cover here, which tells us that the music recorded by xqm is the source material for the other two, but the booklet may seem to indicate that the order of the CD is Emerge/xqm/LDX#40, whereas it is xqm/Emerge/LDX#40. The previous time I heard music by xqm I found it rather noisy and left it to Jliat to devote a review to (Vital Weekly 1187). For no reason I expected this to be along similar lines, but here the duo went out with the sequencer, analogue synthesizer and effects to produce a twenty-one minute piece of drone music, with a fine dark undercurrent and some heavily produced white noise/hiss-like sound that over the course of the piece becomes a very fine dark ambient beast. Emerge then applies his 'usual' cut-ups techniques to it, by alienating the sound and using a collage-like approach. It means that there are all the colours of ambient industrial sound pass by, and they either have a full stop or a gradual, chameleon changeover. LDX#40, of whom I may not hear a lot before, prefer to stay in one dark ambient field with a slightly more distorted drone, without it all turning to true noise fest. There is some excellent buried tension in this piece that has some fine suspense; like a good horror movie. Even though the presentation is a bit weird, this is a very fine three-way compilation. (FdW)