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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Krater Recordings KR05-009
Release Year: 2019
Note: KAFFEE UND KUCHEN is a Polish electro noise performance project, on this CD you can find some live extracts from different German cities, but also many remixes from the likes of THOROFON, GEHIRN.IMPLOSION, EMERGE, PHILIPP MNCH (SYNAPSCAPE), HYPNOSKULL, KILLER (the EA80 singer sings "Bitte mit Sahne"!), CARSTEN VOLLMER (great remix!), and underground poets like LTFIYE GZEL... a very versatile compilation, the right thing for you Sunday afternoon tea time.. DVD 6 panel digipak, 21 tracks 68+ min.
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Starting in 2015 "Kaffee und Kuchen" are drawing a persisting trail of coffee stains throughout the land; leaving an uncountable, amazed, but also distressed audience behind them. From intimate cellar shows and highly celebrated underground festival appearences up to legendary performances at Maschinenfest and at MS Stubnitz - the fan base of the magical coffee party is constantly growing.

The sweet cake and well-scented coffee attracted countless known members of the experimental music scene like Thorofon, Philipp Mnch, Hypnoskull or Beinhaus, as well as underground poets like Ltfiye Gzel. All of them are now serving their own interpretations to the KuK coffee table. The live recordings from the various cites served them as starting point, base material or inspirational spark. (Krater Recordings, KR05-009)