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ARKTAU AON - Ikuisuus nkyy luiden lpi

Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Aural Hypnox
Release Year: 2019
Note: lost album from 2005 by AIH & AIL of ARKTAU EOS and JKV of ZOT-AON, which now sees the daylight under a special collaboration name... very very pure 'primitive' & percussive archaic ritual muzak, at times very ecstatic & trance-inducing, using only voices, percussive / ethnic / original instruments & objects, no electronics or artificial effects!! - 2nd edition (lim. 250 copies) now available, comes in silk-screen cardboard cover + 3 inserts
Price (incl. 19% VAT): €13.00

More Info

Thought lost and subsequently forgotten, a complete album by AIH & AIL of ARKTAU EOS and JKV of ZOT-AON was recently rediscovered. This unknown chapter in the evolution of the classic Finnish ritual sound originates from sessions held in May 2005, when Arktau Eos was still unnamed, beginning work on their seminal opus Mirrorion and Zot-Aon had just released the equally influential Star Autopsy CD.

The album retains the original title of the sessions: Ikuisuus nkyy luiden lpi, Finnish for Eternity Shines Through the Bones, and for purposes of this release the group is named simply ARKTAU AON. Ikuisuus nkyy luiden lpi is enthusiastic, youthfully vigorous and decidedly ominous ritual music with a total running time of 31:53. Instead of songs, it is divided into different movements or phases: it resembles a field recording of some obscure ceremony from a far-off corner of the world. Boasting a raw but good, clear sound, INLL remains unaltered save for the mastering done in 2013 at Katajan Kaiku studio.

The album is enclosed inside a screen printed covers including a textual and two two-sided inserts. Limited to 250 copies.