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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Entartete Musik EM12
Release Year: 2019
Note: "A compilation of modern music of the World. The finest selection of industrial artists doing their utmost in their war against silence" - compiled by LINA BABY DOLL, feat. REUTOFF, RAISON D'ETRE, BRIGHTER DEATH NOW, TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, MORTHOUND, KOLLAPS, HORSE GIVES BIRTH TO FLY, and of course DEUTSCH NEPAL.. exclusive material only, it seems, collected over a period of 10 years!
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A compilation of modern music of the western world.
The finest selection of postindustrial artists doing their atmost in their war against silence.
With the infamous Lina Baby Doll as curator aswell as composer of the thematic rawmaterial forwarded to the musicians given free hands to their estetic decisions, we can guarantee there have been a thorough preparation going on during the 10 years passing since the project started and all this only to give you the most excellent listening experience that could be found in the darker realms of the industrial musicscene.
1. Horse Gives Birth To Fly - Plink Tenebre
2. Brighter Death Now - The Sinister Solitude
3. Trepaneringsritualen - By Man Comes Death
4. raison d'кtre - And The Stones Where Cloven
5. Reutoff - Odd Pole Tenebre
6. Deutsch Nepal - You Will Be His Wonder
7. Morthound - Materialization
8. Kollaps - Self-Flagellation