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RAISON D'ETRE - Anima Caelum

Format: do-CD
Label & Cat.Number: Old Europa Cafe OECD300
Release Year: 2019
Note: 23 live tracks collected from various venues and places 2013-2017, from single tracks to complete live sets, including the remarkable "Cold Meat Industry - 30 Years" festival in Stockholm where RAISON D'ETRE performed each one track from all existing R.D. albums; other live moments contained: Bolkow Castle Party (Poland), Cleveland (Radio Show), Jerusalem, Montreal, Poznan, and Miami; "This is apocalyptic music that can bring life to heaven!"
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Alive and apocalyptic; unique live moments spanning from 2014 to 2017 compiled into a heavenly exposure with gloomy trails and path towards darkness.

Anima Caelum contains both complete live sets and selection of tracks from live recordings by raison d'tre, from performances stretching from the world tours of 2014 - 2015 to the very unique moment at the once-in-a-lifetime event Cold Meat Industry 30 years Anniversary Live in 2017 performing one track from each of his Cold Meat Industry studio albums. This is apocalyptic music that can bring life to heaven!

Originally released on Old Europa Cafe as a double MC in 2018, now revised and remastered for digital format (CD / download) with optimum sound quality.

The download version of the album also includes the remaining tracks from the Anima Caelum 2MC release as bonus.
released April 30, 2019

Track 1 - 10 recorded live at Cold Meat Industry 30 years Anniversary Live, at Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden, 2017-11-04, with edits and overdubs to correct problems.
Track 11 recorded live at Bolkow Castle Party, Bolkow, Poland, 2015-07-18.
Track 12 - 13 recorded live at Cleveland Radio show, Levelland, US, 2014-10-23.
Track 14 - 20 recorded live at Jerusalem, Israel, 2015-05-09.
Track 21 recorded live at Montreal, Canada, 2014-10-15.
Track 22 recorded live at Poznan, Poland, 2014-03-29.
Track 23 recorded live at Miami, US, 2014-10-30.

Bonus tracks:
Track 24 recorded live at Belveders Ultra-Drive, Pittsburgh, US, 2014-10-21.
Track 25 recorded live at Schlagstrom Festival, Berlin, Germany, 2014-08-03.
Track 26 - 27 recorded live at Bolkow Castle Party, Bolkow, Poland, 2015-07-18.
Track 28 recorded live at Cold Meat Industry 30 years Anniversary Live, at Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden, 2017-11-04.

All music by Peter Andersson 1991-2017.
Recorded live 2014-2017.
K-14 level mastering.

2CD release by Old Europa Cafe, OECD300.
Digital release by Yantra Atmospheres, YA-2019-94.


"By way of background context, Anima Caelum was first issued in a limited edition of 99 copies on double cassette in 2018 (also on Old Europa Caf). Now it has been reissued with slightly revised content on double CD in a less limited edition.

With the tagline on the cover stating alive 2014-2017 it is a not too subtle clue enough that it is a collection of live tracks and not new recordings. So for me, the pinnacle aspect is the full recording of the special set which was performed at the Cold Meat Industry 30th anniversary show in Stockholm November, 2017, which I was lucky enough to attend and witness in person. My review of that festival noted the following with regard to the raison dtre set featured on this set:

Having seen raison dtre three times before, I expected it to be decent show, but was completely blown away by the impact of this set, based on the sheer intensity of volume. Also with sole member Peter Andersson playing a special set consisting of one track from all of his CMI albums, it was a veritable hit parade of the tracks from each album with the greatest emotional impacts. Again, with the focus being on the projected visual backdrop, it functioned to further amplify the mood of the sacral and the damned, based around various moving images of religious decay and sorrowful mourning. For me personally raison dtres set was the most moving of the entire festival, where the pairing of tracks Inner Depths Of Sadness (from the Within The Depths Of Silence And Phormations album), and Reflecting In Shadows (from the In Sadness, Silence And Solitude album) hit home hard to show just how important the music of raison dtre has been to me over the years (as an example of this, I was so taken by In Sadness, Silence And Solitude when first hearing it in 1997 that it spurred me on to immediately write my first music review, which in turn led to me creating Spectrum Magazine shortly after). In being far beyond a mere dark ambient set, the volume absolutely elevated the impact and presence of the set to the next level and was one of my personal standouts of the entire festival.

The above impression pretty much sums up my thoughts on the entirety of the content featured across the two CDs. Perhaps this is a release more the avid and obsessive fan than the casual listener, but even so, it is an excellent collection of the full and complete Stockholm set coupled with live tracks from various performances. Likewise the live version deviate enough from the original to provide both detailed and nuanced interest. Another very enjoyable album from this unfaltering dark ambient behemoth, and exquisitely presented in a deluxe 6 panel digipack." [Noise Receptor]