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Format: CD
Label & Cat.Number: Midira Records MIDIRA 060
Release Year: 2019
Note: two guitarists, one drummer - one long improvised drone-mandala => it was a very special set when these three musicians met on stage in Bochum, Germany, inside a big church in October 2017 => you can feel the deep concentration at the beginning, evolving slowly from dream-scape fields through some more silent moments to a heavy climax with wild free jazz drumming at the end, building and holding the flow throughout the piece... electrifying! Lim. 200 copies
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This record evolved as a concatenation of two happenings. Thisquietarmy presented his album Democracy of Dust on stage at the Moving Noises Evening 2017, supported by Tom Malmendier, who joined in for some live drum parts for older tracks of thisquietarmy. Dirk Serries played one of his last ambient sets before releasing Epitaph at the same evening. So things came together very quick and the idea was born to end up the evening as a trio.

Hell features a long improvisational track, in which you can hear typical Serries and thisquietarmy sounds accompanied by some diversified percussion sounds by Malmendier. The set starts very quiet and cautious and ends up in climax of experimental guitars and absolute amazing freejazz drumming.

Recorded at Christuskirche Bochum. Mixed by Dirk Serries. Mastered by Eric Quach.

Hell comes as a 6panel digisleeve with matt finish. Limited to 200 copies.