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MOHAMMAD (MMMD) - Andromache

Format: MC
Label & Cat.Number: Antifrost afro 2076
Release Year: 2018
Note: rare cassette-only release, based on recordings of abandoned and ruined pianos recorded over a period of 5 years throughout Europe... 7 pieces with the dark humming "Tromakton" as central track... C-45, lim. 150 copies
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More Info

Compact Cassette, limited edition of 150
running time 45 minutes

"Andromache is an unforeseen homage to an unfamiliar friend. Recorded over a five year period on abandoned and ruined pianos all over Europe, the project culminated inside a death struck apartment in the south of Athens.
Andromache includes new re-worked versions of previously released pieces from the MMMD discography, for piano and sine waves.
Recorded 2012-2017 in Copenhagen, Lausanne, Budapest, Kallithea"