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V.A. (VARIOUS ARTISTS) (COMPILATIONS) - Die Rckkehr in Parallel-Meeseversum (2. Kepler-452b Pre-Sequel)

Format: LP
Label & Cat.Number: Psych KG. FLUXUS series Psych.KG 459 - Edition Kepler-452b - Section C-4
Release Year: 2018
Note: next in the "Kepler"-series and maybe the most "serious" and mysterious so far, an earplay like piece by KOMMISSAR TEOTHUACAN (and SCHLANGENFRAU), an interstellar message by American astrophysicist FRANK DRAKE, a fine experimental collage from JRGEN SCHNEIDER, a "Message to Mankind from Nov. 26th, 1977" (by VRILLON / ASHTAR GALACTIC COMMAND) and incredible JONATHAN MEESE madness- a quite exorbitant edition in the Fluxus series, lim. 74 copies only
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A1 Frank Drake (2) Interstellar Radio Message Sent To Globular Star Cluster M13 From November 16th, 1974
A2 Jrgen Schneider (5) & Softday RMXfallout
A3 Vrillon / Ashtar Galactic Command Message To Mankind From November 26th, 1977
A4 Jonathan Meese DR. NOANGSTEA'S DORIAN Scarlettierbaby's Revolutions Parfum: DICTATORSHIP OF ART (Suessesuessesuesse, You (Mr. Majestickx On The Run Loganfox))
B1 Kommissar Teotihuacn Und Die Gefiederte Schlangenfrau* fRagenta K'inich Janaahb' Pakal

LP in the series FLUXUS +/-, limited to 74 copies, numbered. LP appears in black vinyl with black labels. Pair and impair copies appear with different backsides. Co-release with Edition Kepler-452b.

Some copies appear with handmade changes for backside and/or frontside by Kommissar Hjuler, some copies are signed.